1. The individuals moves to Cyprus at his permanent residence – rented or purchased house

2. The individual registers as a tax resident of Cyprus

3. Depending on the 60 or 183 days rule the individual has to spend the required amount of time in Cyprus

4. Just After personal Tax Return of the individual is submitted to the Tax Office

5. If the Tax Return is already submitted then it increases the chances of a faster and more successful non-domicile certificate

6. If not the Tax Office may request additional supporting evidence as follows:

  • Title Deed or Rent agreement for the permanent residence in Cyprus
  • VISA card statements showing expenses paid in Cyprus (supermarkets/restaurants etc)
  • Utility bill in Cyprus (electricity/water/phone)
  • Any other evidence showing the tax resident’s “substance” in Cyprus

7. The non-domicile Registration certificate is issued within 1 month of submission.


For an individual to be considered a Cyprus Tax Resident they need to spend more than 183 days during a tax year (the period from 1stJanuary until 31stDecember) in Cyprus.

As of 1stJanuary 2017 the new 60-day rule can also be applied, which offers individuals the option to become Cyprus tax residents after spending only 60 days in the country cumulatively.

This rule applies to individuals who, in the relevant tax year:

  • Do not reside in any other country for a time period of more than 183 (collective) days
  • Are not a tax resident in any other country
  • Reside in Cyprus for at least 60 days
  • Have additional Cyprus ties, including:
    • Being an employee of a Cyprus Company
    • Business ownership
    • Being a director of a Cyprus Tax Resident company

All of the above must take place within a single tax year, and will not be considered valid in the case of termination of employment during the said tax year.

A permanent residential property that is either owned or rented should also be maintained within the tax year.

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Is foreign dividend income also exempted by the non-domicile status?

The answer is Yes, both local and foreign dividend income is exempted in Cyprus when holding the non-domicile status. Withholding taxes overseas apply subject to double tax agreements of Cyprus.

Do I get a certificate of tax residency and non-domicile status?

Yes the tax office issues both tax residency certificates and non-domicile status certificates.

Is General Healthcare Tax (GHS) applied to all dividend income?

The answer is Yes, capped at EUR 180.000.

How fast can I obtain the non-domicile status?

Depending on which tax residency status is followed 1 month after completion of the requirements.

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