TAX & VAT Consulting

Thousands of companies are registered in Cyprus every month, because of its business-friendly Tax Regime, making it the best place to do business in the EU.

Some of the many benefits, that Cyprus Companies receive from the Cyprus Tax Regime are:

  • One of the lowest Corporation tax rates in EU – 12.5% on profits
  • Full exemption from profits generated from securities i.e. shares/bonds
  • The distinction between “domicile tax residents” and “non-domicile tax residents” (Company or Individuals).
  • Flexible reorganisation rules with tax benefits
  • Carrying forward of tax losses for 5 years
  • Unilateral Tax Relief rule for taxes paid abroad
  • Notional Interest Deduction (NID) on new equity invested from 2015 onwards replacing the back to back financing arrangements.
  • Exemption from Dividend Income Tax based on the EU – Parent Subsidiary Directive
  • Purely Holding Companies are outside the scope of VAT in Cyprus
  • Extremely attractive IP Box allowing for an effective Corporation Tax at 2.5% on qualifying profits.
  • No withholding tax on interest, royalty and dividends payments to “non-tax resident individuals”.
  • Full tax group relief.
  • Over 60 Double Tax Treaties.

Personal Taxation and Corporate Taxation

  • Corporation tax calculation and review
  • Personal Income tax (including matters for expatriates)
  • Special defense contribution (dividends, rent, interest income)
  • Immovable Property tax
  • Estate duty
  • Stamp duty
  • Social Insurance
  • Land transfer fees
  • Registration with Income Tax Authorities
  • Preparation and submission of Tax Returns
  • Preparation and submission of Capital Statements
  • Preparation of tax due diligence reports
  • Assistance in obtaining tax residency certificates
  • Assistance in obtaining non-domicile certificates
  • Income Tax Rulings
  • Request for Tax Clearance Certificates
  • Payment of Taxes
  • Transfer Pricing studies

International Tax Planning and Structuring

  •  Strategic Tax Planning on investments, commercial transactions, international fund transfers and cross border transactions
  • Advice on matters relating to permanent establishments and transfer pricing
  • Advice on Double Tax Treaties
  • Advice on international activities such as optimal corporate structures and strategic tax planning


  • Registration with VAT Authorities
  • VAT planning
  • VAT consulting
  • VAT compliance
  • VAT Rulings
  • VAT Audit
We Have Experienced  Tax & VAT Consulting Advisory Board Team

Cyprus Company Related Services


Cyprus company formation and registration as well as management services for the Cyprus company. We provide your complete partners for Cyprus Company registration including TAX services and VAT services.

Our team can take on board the entire process of registering your International Business Company to Cyprus from start to finish.

  • Company Formation
  • Shelf Companies
  • Branches
  • Trusts
  • Partnerships

However, apart from Cyprus, we can also offer a variety of other jurisdictions such as the UK, BVI, Seychelles, and others both offshore and onshore. Fully managed onshore or offshore company incorporation.

Cyprus & EU Bank Account Opening

Acting as trusted introducers for all Cyprus and other international banks our office can provide Account opening for Cyprus Companies, Legal Entities and Individuals. For example Opening a Cyprus bank account for Oher EU or Non-EU (UK, BVI, IBC, Seychelles or US)company or individual.

KYC (Know your Client produces) is mandatorily conducted by our Firm in association with our due diligence partners.

  • Introduction to Cyprus Banks / European Banks
  • Opening of Individual or Corporate bank account
  • Opening of Trust Accounts
  • Preparation of Debit or Credit Cards
  • Management Online e-banking registration
  • Provide assistance in Credit facilities

You can Contact us in relation to any service personal – individual or company / Corporate bank account”. A fairly simple process. Our team of experts will give you a detailed description of what needs to be submitted and the entire procedure with step-by-step instructions for opening a bank account.

Cyprus & International Tax & Vat Consulting

Due to its Business-friendly Tax Regime, Cyprus is considered the best place to do business within the EU. Thousands of companies register monthly, to receive the many advantages Cyprus has to offer.

Our team of tax professionals can advise on supporting the below services with the recommended legal structure.

  • Personal & Corporate Tax Planning
  • International Tax Strategy for Individuals
  • International Tax for Corporate entities
  • Double Taxation Avoidance
  • Advice on international Trusts

Learn how to benefit from International tax with your Cyprus Company, learn how to benefit from Cyprus internationally tax entities for Individuals or Corporate entities in offshore and/or onshore jurisdictions.


We can provide advice to corporate executives and high net worth individuals who wish to gain residence in Cyprus and receive the benefits of Non-Domiciled Tax Status.

This rule applies to individuals who, in the relevant tax year:

  • Do not reside in any other country for a time period of more than 183 (collective) days
  • Are not a tax resident in any other country
  • Reside in Cyprus for at least 60 days
  • Have additional Cyprus ties, including:
    • Being an employee of a Cyprus Company
    • Business ownership
    • Being a director of a Cyprus Tax Resident company

All of the above must take place within a single tax year, and will not be considered valid in the case of termination of employment during the said tax year.


Cyprus has a large reputation for being an international financial center. It is a country that provides many opportunities for setting up and managing a trust.

Why you might want to set up a Cyprus international trust

  • Protected  by the Cyprus Courts
  • Flexibility on Investments
  • Powers of a Trustee, Protector, Settlor
  • Strict confidentiality of Trust documents.
  • Significant tax planning possibilities.

The Cyprus International Trust regime enables non-tax residents of Cyprus to create a Trust in Cyprus and enjoy the highest possible degree of asset protection and create estate planning internationally along with the tax benefits and strict confidentiality.


Thinking of re-domiciling your Company to a safer jurisdiction? Is EU the solution?

Then look no further than Cyprus as it offers flexible re-domiciling terms, a low tax environment, and a legal system that safeguards your Company’s interests and assets!

  • Legal system based on the English Common Law
  • Corporation tax at only 12.5%
  • Exemption from dividends
  • Exemption on capital gains
  • Prestigious location as opposed to other off-shore jurisdictions

Easy and straight forward re-domiciliation rules in Cyprus and the ability to continue the Company’s pre-relocation business as if its jurisdiction has never changed while keeping the same or different trading name


The most advantageous IP Box taxation in the EU | Cyprus IP Box Regime. The IP regime in Cyprus is compliant with international developments and is compatible with EU standards.

The Cyprus IP Box Regime provides the following rules for intellectual property assets:

  • Qualifying intangible assets
  • The expenditure of the IP Box
  • Qualifying income of the IP Box
  • Overall Profit and Direct costs
  • Calculation of taxable profit of the Cyprus Company
  • Accounting Records of the Cyprus Company

Generally Assets that do not qualify for the transitional provisions for the Cyprus IP Box Regime.

iGaming Consulting

Choose your Jurisdiction of choice (Cyprus – Curacao – Malta) and rest assure that our team will take over your Application – Technical – Compliance of the full Licence spectrum.

Advanced regulatory guidance and compliance with local and foreign Gaming Tax and Online Gaming policies.

  • Cyprus (Class B Betting Licence)
  • Curacao (Master eGaming Licence)
  • Malta (B2B – B2B Online Gaming Licence)

Our iGaming Consultants with 10+ years of experience in the Online Gaming industry can give you a detailed description of your Online Gaming needs. One-stop Shop for every iGaming Business

Representation & Trustee Services

Full turnkey end to end corporate services for your Cyprus Company. Setting up your company in Cyprus has never been easier, Simple yet advanced Substance solutions from Renting an actual office space & Recruiting the right personnel alongside your Online Digital presence (Phone/Website/ Emails/ Hosting).

  • Registered office for Cyprus Company
  • Trustee for Local and Foreign Trusts
  • Nominee Appointments for Individuals
  • Nominee for Investments & Shareholders
  • Company Secretary / Directorship

Always In accordance with our AML (Anti-money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Client) policies, we undertake full local Representation & Trustee Services.

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