An EU trademark (EUTM) gives you, by a single registration with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), exclusive rights in all Member States of the European Union.

When registering a (EUTM) you safeguard the value of your brand, establish a competitive advantage against competitive marks. You can define the rights you have and help prevent fraud and counterfeiting of your brand.

1. You provide us with the Trademark name

2.We fil in the EUTM application e will take all relevant information for the application and assist you with defining the list of goods and services for the mark.

3. During the examination process of the application, the distinctiveness of the applied trademark is being analyzed, in order to verify that it is not generic or descriptive.

4. If no objection is raised, the trademark will be published by EUIPO office in 23 EU official languages i.e. once a Company or an individual has applied for a specific trademark for the specified goods and/or services and it is approved it is then immediately made public.

5. Once the application is published, there is a three-month opposition period in which any third-party can oppose the registration of the mark for any lawful reason.

6. If there is no third party opposition for the applied trademark or in case there has been and it has been rejected, the mark will be registered as an EUTM.

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Why should I apply for a European Union trademark?

The trademark system of the European Union consists of a single registration process which, in the 27 Member States of the European Union, gives its proprietor an exclusive right.
In this way, the applicant does not have to work with service providers and authorities in different countries and different languages thus saving both time and cost.

How long does it take for a trademark to be registered in the EU?

Assuming there is no substantial objection for the applied EUTM, the mark could be registered within a period of 4-7 months. The protection is granted retroactively from the date of application.

How can I know if there's already a trademark identical or similar to the one I want to register?

Upon your request and subject to an additional fee, a trademark search can be executed in order to find similar or identical registered trademarks or trademark applications, which could be cited against your application.

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