The Anjouan Gaming License

The duration of the Anjouan Gaming License is 1 year and is renewable annually thereafter. The standard License is granted to companies including 2 URLs. Additional URLs may be added to the license at additional cost. There is no limit to the number of URLs which may be added to the license so long as they are wholly owned and operated by the license holder. Sublicensing is not permitted.

The licensing process consists of 3 main areas:

  • There is the fit and proper test carried out on the directors, shareholders and UBOs of the company.
  • There are systems and server requirements
  • The other area covers the AML, Compliance and Operational policies and procedures of the company and the software/technical setup.

Unlocking Opportunities

The Anjouan Gaming License is a comprehensive type of license, which can be used in various online gaming operations such as casino, poker, betting, lottery and even the provision of software and White-Labeling services. The License is fast and easy to obtain provided the requirements are met. Licensing applies to either B2B or B2C operations.

Key Qualification Requirements Beyond Due Diligence

Apart from the Due Diligence required on Directors, Shareholders and UBO, there are several other requirements which must be met to qualify for the Anjouan Gaming License. These requirements are Business Plan, Proof of Domain Ownership, Review and Approval of Website for compliance, Compliant T&Cs, Compliant KYC, Responsible Gaming, Underage Gaming, and AML Policies, Copies of RNG Testing Certificates (If Applicable) and Copies of Game/Content Provider Agreements for gaming systems and games used (If Applicable) in addition to the submission of the application and UBO declaration(s).

The following markets are considered restricted / prohibited and forbidden by the license and must be GEO IP Blocked:

Australia, Austria, Comoros, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, USA, all FATF Blacklisted countries, and/or any other jurisdictions deemed prohibited by Anjouan Gaming Board and Offshore Financial Authority. Licensees are required to have done their due diligence prior to accepting and registering players from any territory to ensure compliance with local laws.

The quoted fee includes:

  • Annual Anjouan Gaming License fees including initial setup fees and
  • required ISP service for compliance backups.
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