Kahnawake Gaming License Specifications

The Kahnawake gaming license provides operators with a flexible, cost-effective, and straightforward setup process, accompanied by numerous advantages. As a highly regarded jurisdiction and a favored choice for startups, operators can benefit from competitive setup and maintenance costs, appealing fiscal advantages, and an efficient licensing procedure.


Situated in Quebec, Canada, the Kahnawake Mohawk Territory is a First Nations reserve operating autonomously with the freedom to establish its own corporate and fiscal regulations. Since 1999, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission has been issuing licenses for the global online gambling market, currently overseeing more than 250 licensed gaming sites within the territory.

What are the benefits of the Kahnawake Gaming License?

Relatively Quick

Typically, the application process requires approximately 2 to 3 weeks, and upon the satisfaction of all requirements, the approval phase may extend for an additional 8 to 10 weeks. This positions Kahnawake as one of the swiftest jurisdictions for obtaining an online gambling license.

Application Fees

The application fees for a Kahnawake betting license are among the most affordable in the industry making them accessible for many startups and smaller businesses. This affordability allows businesses to channel more capital into enhancing their products rather than getting tied up in administrative processes.


Application fees must be received by the Commission before an application is processed.

Zero Tax

Entities holding a Kahnawake Gaming License benefit from a 0% gaming tax applied to all gross gaming revenues. This proves advantageous for businesses seeking to maintain low overhead costs and prioritize the reinvestment of revenue and profits into the company’s expansion.

A great option for startups or small gaming businesses

Opting for the Kahnawake online gambling license can be an excellent choice for startups or smaller enterprises. This is not only attributed to the advantages mentioned here but also because it remains economically viable. Consequently, the profits can be reinvested into the business to facilitate expansion, business development, marketing, and the integration of new games, as opposed to being directed toward taxes and substantial fees.

Player Acceptance

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is recognized for its credibility, and the jurisdiction is widely acknowledged for its trustworthiness. Possessing a Kahnawake gambling license signifies a commitment to responsible and equitable gaming practices, ensuring that the entity operates without any fraudulent intent.


The Commission treats user complaints with utmost seriousness, taking disciplinary action against those who violate the rules. Some entities even face license suspension or cancellation, particularly in instances where investigations uncover unethical business practices. This unwavering commitment to regulatory diligence has resulted in a robust level of player protection for both players and business partners. The Commission is dedicated to diligently overseeing and monitoring its licensees, fostering increased player loyalty and confidence in gambling platforms.

The total required application fees are as follows:

1. Application fee in the amount of Forty Thousand (US$40,000.00) Dollars, which includes:


i. The estimated cost of conducting the Commission’s due diligence regarding the applicant corporation and the individuals who have provided Personal Information Forms (non-refundable)

ii. The first annual licensing fee, refundable if an application is not granted; but which does include any costs associated with the Commission’s assessment of the applicant’s Control System Submission – which cost will be paid by the applicant to the Commission upon being presented the appropriate invoice.

2. Key Person License Application fee in the amount of Five Thousand (US$5,000.00) Dollars for each proposed Key Person.


Application documents and further information about the application process are available on the Commission’s website: www.gamingcommission.ca.


Important note: Only Mohawk Internet Technologies is permitted to host the systems.

  • Required Application Documents

1. Application for Client Provider Authorization (“CPA”)

Identifies the business entity that is applying for the CPA. If the application is granted, this business entity – and the URLs of the sites that it operates – will be listed on the KGC’s website.

2. Business Entity Information Form

To be completed on behalf of the business entity that is applying for the CPA.

3. Key Person License Application Form

This form must be completed by each of the applicant’s Key Persons. Each applicant must nominate at least one person who exercises a key managerial function.

4. Personal Information Form

To be completed by each of the following individuals:

i. Each director of the applicant corporation;

ii. Each shareholder/beneficial owner with ten percent (10%) or more ownership of or controlling interest in the business entity;

iii. Each person who submits a Key Person License Application Form.

5. Control System Submission

Except as otherwise directed in writing by the Commission, a completed Control System Submission.


Note: For publicly traded corporations, in addition to the foregoing, the following information must be included with an application:

i. A biography or curriculum vitae for each director;

ii. ii. Annual reports prepared by the corporation for the past three years.

Step-by-Step Approach
A step-by-step approach:
Application form to be submitted along with:
  • Business Entity Information Form
  • Personal Information Form for each Director and Shareholder (beneficial owner)
  • Key Person License Application Form where the applicant nominates one person for each managerial function i.e. Technical, AML, etc.
Step 1 – As soon as the forms and fees are paid to the KGC the Due Diligence procedure starts (subject to full disclosure).
Step 2 – The commission meets to review the DD outcome and decide upon the issuance of a 6-month Preliminary Permit.
Step 3 – if the decision is positive a 6-month Preliminary Permit is granted along with the:
  • KGC logo for website footer
  • HTML code for Good Standing certificate
  • Self-Exclusion Player List
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Η Εθνική Αρχή Στοιχημάτων ιδρύθηκε σύμφωνα με τον Περί Στοιχημάτων Νόμο του 2012 (106(Ι)/2012).  Οι κύριες αρμοδιότητες της Αρχής είναι η αδειοδότηση και εποπτεία αθλητικών στοιχημάτων ή άλλης δραστηριότητας εντός της Κυπριακής Δημοκρατίας.





Τύπος παιχνιδιών - Επιτρέπονται υπηρεσίες

Η Αρχή εκδίδει τις ακόλουθες άδειες για επίγεια και διαδικτυακά στοιχήματα:

  • την παροχή υπηρεσιών πονταρίσματος εντός αδειοδοτημένων χώρων, εξαιρουμένων των υπηρεσιών διαδικτυακού στοιχήματος και των ιπποδρομιών (επίγεια στοιχήματα)·
  • την παροχή υπηρεσιών ηλεκτρονικού στοιχηματισμού, εξαιρουμένων των κουλοχέρηδων, των on-line τυχερών παιχνιδιών καζίνο που παρέχονται με απευθείας σύνδεση και των ηλεκτρονικών ιπποδρομιών (online στοιχήματα)

Φόροι Στοιχημάτων

Κάθε πρακτορείο στοιχημάτων κατηγορίας Α ή Β πληρώνει τον φόρο στοιχήματος της Κυπριακής Δημοκρατίας, ο οποίος ανέρχεται σε δέκα (10%)


Κάθε πρακτορείο στοιχημάτων με άδεια κατηγορίας Α και Β καταβάλλει στην Κυπριακή Δημοκρατία φόρο εισφοράς ο οποίος ανέρχεται σε τρία (3%)

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