The Importance of Trademark Registration

Your brand is the most important thing if you are trying to connect your product or service with your customers.


Think for a moment about the most well-known shoe brand in your opinion, or about the brand of computers and mobile phones that paved the way with the invention of the touch screen.

This is why they have economic value and that many brand owners in the world, from every field of occupation and trade, tend to register trademarks in different countries where they have a commercial interest.


It is not by chance that you know exactly the brand names and what their logos look like. This is exactly the power of trademarks. They are designed to create an associative connection with consumers when they see the marks, so that consumers know the source of the products or services they are purchasing that are marked with the trademarks.

Territorial Trademark Application

In principle, trademark registration is territorial. That is, in order to be protected in a particular country one must register the trademark in it.

There are also territories that are federation figures, such as the United States of America and EU countries, where one trademark application can be filed that will apply to all member states. Thus, some choose to try to file a trademark application in Cyprus, Israel, Korea and China, or file a European trademark application or a US trademark application.

Eligibility For Trademark Registration

However, not every trademark is eligible for registration. If a particular trademark is “generic” (i.e. it is in fact the dictionary term that describes the goods or service), it makes no sense to give someone a monopoly for the exclusive use of the mark. For example, if François wants to open a chain of stores selling oranges and wants to register a trademark on the term “orange”, his application will most likely be rejected because the mark is generic in relation to the type of goods and services.

If, on the other hand, he wants to open a chain selling wool hats and write the “orange” mark regarding this type of goods and services, it can be said that the mark is “arbitrary” in relation to the type of goods and services and therefore the application will probably not be denied (assuming there is no other reason for rejection, such as that a similar or identical mark is already in use or registered).

Branding Strategy

Branding strategy is among the most important things for a brand to penetrate different territories in the world and position it as a unique brand, of course along with building a marketing strategy and using the brand and its trademarks correctly.

Branding Recognition

So, if you have a brand and you want consumers to recognize your product or service with you and not accidentally with your competitor, or if you have a defined market in certain countries and you want to establish a commercial presence in them, one of your ways to protect their brand is through trademark registration in these territories.

Disclaimer: The foregoing does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. If you are interested that we will assist you with the process of the trademark registration, please contact us and we will be happy to investigate the case.

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