Cyprus Company Formation

Corporate Information

Shares and Corporate Governance

Minimum number of directors:One
Nationality requirements for directors:None
Corporate directors permitted:Yes
Minimum number of shareholders:One
Maximum number of shareholders:Fifty
Nationality restrictions on shareholders:None
Company secretary required:Yes
Registered office:Yes, in Cyprus
Corporate Company Secretary permitted: 


Minimum authorized share capital:€1.000
Minimum paid up share capital:€1
Capital duty on issued share capital:0.6% of the nominal value of shares issued
Audited accounts:Required by law for all Companies

Public Disclosure (with Registrar of Companies)

Directors’ names: 


Shareholders’ names:Only registered shareholders are disclosed (Note: where nominee shareholders are used, details of the ultimate beneficiary owner are not disclosed to Cyprus government authorities.

Legal forms

  • Public and Private Companies, limited by shares
  • Companies limited by guarantee
  • Limited and general liability partnerships

Government Charges and Fees

  • Annual Levy: €350
  • Companies Registry Initial Registration Fee: Flat fee of €102 plus capital duty of 0.6% of the nominal value of the authorized share capital (usually minimized by using low issued capital and high share premium).

Legal System

  • Cyprus Company Law, Chapter 113, based on the English Companies Act of 1948

Formation Procedures for a Cypriot Private Limited Liability Company

  • Name: Can be done online, but formal approval is required before a name can be given.
  • Formation: Memorandum and Articles of Association in Greek are drafted by a Cypriot Lawyer, signed by one or more subscribers in duplicate, submitted to the Registrar of Companies together with an English translation where necessary.
  • Time span for forming New Companies: Less than 5 business days

Cyprus Cooperate Services Simplified

At MariCorp we target to simplify Corporate Services as a whole and offer our clients a straightforward and simple solution.

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